Last day of Auto Shanghai 2017

After almost 10 days successful exhibition, Auto Shanghai 2017 is now approaching to the end.

We have unveiled the winners of the lucky draw today, the result has been published into our company public account in Wechat by push news. The following gifts are chosen as the prize for it.

3rd prize:

2nd prize:

1st prize:

In additon, our colleagues from Suzhou plant got the chance to visit our booth into two batches these two days. They are more acquainted with our products/competencies under the introduction of the TD colleagues which would definitely be helpful for their work:

The dismantling of the booths for all the exhibitors started from 15:00 this afternoon, all the exhibits will be transported back to our Suzhou plant and to be displayed into the showroom soon. Auto Shanghai is such a good platform and chance to promote our company/ competencies in China market and through this event, we’v collected some potential customers as well which is definitely favorable for our businesss in the future. We’re very looking forward to be back in 2 years for Auto Shanghai 2019!

Innovation exhibits at the booth

We are presenting two different crash management systems in order to demonstrate our latest light weighting innovations and our mature experience in the design and production of aluminum parts.


The future is electric: Our latest project is the development of a lightweight battery housing made of steel and aluminum for a full electric car. Additional features of this hybrid concept are integrated crash performance, underbody protection and cooling system.  


The front-end structure for the BMW 7 series presents a central contribution to lightweight construction. KIRCHHOFF Automotive actively participated also in the design and development as well as early prototype phase. The result is a complete aluminum solution in profile and monocoque construction with optimal material combination and best possible performance.





Impression – Luxury Cars in Auto Shanghai 2017

The public days of Auto Shanghai 2017 starts as of today. The past weekend has welcomed 385,000 visitors.

Up to 1,400 vehicles including 113 world premiere cars and 159 new energy cars are on display at the show. From the classification of the exhibiting cars, we can draw three trends as below: Firstly, the passion of SUV is still as before. Then, new energy car becomes a trend. Finally, the rising of Mobility and Connectivity.

View of Luxury car hall:





Last professional day with the heavy guest flow

Today as the last professional day welcomed it’s heavy guest flow as yesterday. The luxury car halls were full of visitors so that the organizer has to restrain the access into these halls.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive booth:

CJLR Purchasing Director, Zhou Hengzhong (second from the left):

MAZDA Electrical Purchasing Manager, Zhong Huanhuan (right):










2017 International Key Tech Forum

Dr. Dirk Stahl, Manager Product Development as the key note speaker together with two of our chinese colleagues: Dr. Fang Shiqing, Managing Director and William Zhang, Technical Development Director joined this Key.

The forum focused on the topics of lightweight design, the auto market analysis in China and the electric vehicles. During the event, Dr. Dirk Stahl presented our company competencies from the aspects of material, balance between cost and weight which gained lots of interests from the auto industry representatives onsite.


Geely Interior Development Manager, Xu Jinghui (right)







Good start of the first professional day

Today is only the first profession day, but already a busy and fruitful day. We had over 50 visitors who came to our booth including some of our key account/potential customers.

MAZDA VP, Shunji TAJIRI (middle):

CJLR Site STA Sr Manager, Zhu Yuetao (left):

BMW Senior Purchasing Manger, Jeffery Sun

Changan Automotive Engineer Supervisor, Dong Liqiang (middle):

Great Wall Dep Manager (Body Design), Li Zhanying:




Press day continues

The visitors we received today speak highly of our booth, and most people are very interested in our lightweight products like the Aluminum front-end and battery housing, our innovations.

GEELY Pur Senior Manager, Hu Liangjun (left) & Wu Jianlin (right):

Haimma Automobile, Wu Dongsheng:

GM Researcher, Zhan Hongyi:

EASTONE AUTO Interior Senior Manager, Suchen




1st Press Day

Auto Shanghai 2017 is finally unveilled after months preparation, and our team in China has been all ready to welcome the visitors.

By the end of the first press day, we’ve had some valuable customers visited our booth:

SVW Senior Pur. Manager, Thomas Mecklenburg (second from the right)

SAIC Interior Manager (Exterior & Interior Section), Ruan Aijun (second from the left)

Geely Senior Pur. Manager, Yang Henry (right side)

VDA Managing Director, Klaus Braeunig

some views of our booth:

Goodbye, Hanover!

The last trade day comes towards an end. Everybody quickly carries some Bamboo flowers to our trade fair transporter and then half of the booth Team leaves for home. At the moment in fact there are still some customers on the booth. The IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair still has its doors open until 6 p.m.

Then finally we have to say: Bye, bye Hanover!

It was worth the effort!

Three apprentices alike answered 15 out 16 Rally questions correctly – and this in an awesome 1 hour and 9 minutes. So the decision had to be taken by lots.

Simon Michel is the proud winner of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Arndt G. Kirchhoff handed over the second prize, a Jochen Schweizer adventure voucher, to Lukas Meier. Cedric Nelson ranked third. He received a thermos mug and a power bank.

Die Mühe hat sich gelohnt!

15 von 16 Fragen der Rallye beantworteten gleich drei Auszubildende richtig – und das auch noch in einer Spitzenzeit von 1 Stunde, 9 Minuten. Somit musste das Los entscheiden.

Simon Michel ist stolzer Gewinner eines Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Den zweiten Preis, einen Erlebnisgutschein von Jochen Schweizer, überreichte Arndt G. Kirchhoff an Lukas Meier. Platz 3 belegte Cedric Nelson. Er erhielt einen Thermo-Trinkbecher sowie eine Powerbank.

Good luck fairy Kerstin draws the winner

The three winners of the apprentices’ rally are certain. In the end, the apprentice that could take the first prize home – a Samsung tablet – had to be chosen at random. But whose name did good luck fairy Kerstin Rinscheid (left in the picture) draw? The tension increases. At about 3 p.m. we will hand over the prizes and announce the winners.

First item on the agenda: tour of the booth

This morning the booth was crowded earlier than expected. For our apprentices, the day on IAA Commercial Vehicles began with a booth tour by Andreas Heine. Currently both groups are on their way around the fair to answer all questions of the apprentices’ rally correctly and as quickly as possible. Great prizes await the winners. We are curios to see who comes in first this year.

Tagesordnungspunkt 1: Standführung

Früher als geplant wurde es heute Morgen voll am Stand. Für unsere Auszubildenden startete der Tag auf der IAA Nutzfahrzeuge mit einer Standführung von Andreas Heine. Aktuell sind beide Gruppen auf der Messe unterwegs, um möglichst schnell alle Fragen der Azubirallye richtig zu beantworten. Es winken tolle Preise. Wir sind gespannt, wer in diesem Jahr das Rennen macht.

Competition in tacking

Today we have a competition in “quick tacking” on our agenda. The single leaves of the questionnaires for the apprentices taking part in our IAA Rallye have to be tacked. 24 questionnaires for the Attendorner Group and 35 for the Iserlohn apprentices. In order to be as quick as possible Lisa Terlaak and Tatjana Wach started a tacking competition.


“WorkING“ shows job variety

In front of about 80 students our personnel officer Gudrun Hoffmeier explained what sets KIRCHHOFF Automotive apart and which possibilities our company offers to students.

The event „workING2016“ is organized by the VDA and already takes part for several years. It addresses students for getting an idea about the variety of job possibilities within the automotive industry by means of presentations.


„WorkING“ zeigt Jobvielfalt

Vor ca. 80 Studierenden erläuterte unsere Personalreferentin Gudrun Hoffmeier, was KIRCHHOFF Automotive ausmacht und welche Möglichkeiten sich in unserem Unternehmen für Studenten bieten.

Die vom VDA organisierte Veranstaltung „workING2016“ wurde vor einigen Jahren ins Leben gerufen und wendet sich zielgerichtet an Studierende. Sie sollen anhand von Vorträgen eine Vorstellung von derVielfalt der Jobmöglichkeiten in der Automobilindustrie gewinnen.

Was gibt’s heute zu essen?

Das war eine der essentiellen Fragen beim morgendlichen Standbriefing. Rinderfilet mit Birne in Rotweinsauce und Kartoffelpüree, Hähnchenschnitzel mit Spargelsauce und Reis, oder doch lieber bunte Nudeln mit Balsamico-Pesto? Die Karte für das Mittagessen steht.

Wem das nicht schmeckt, für den hat Suna Üstün noch jede Menge leckere Häppchen und Canapees vorbereitet. Unsere Küchenfee sorgt gut für unseren Kundenbesuch und die Standbesetzung!

Opening tour runs over our stand

Already at the first professional day the shareholders and management of KIRCHHOFF Automotive could welcome many high-ranking visitors. During the opening tour of the trade fair, Günther Oettinger (EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society), Stephan Weil (Prime Minister of Lower Saxony), Stefan Schostok (senior mayor of Hannover) and Matthias Wissmann (VDA  President) informed themselves about innovative products and technologies.

Eröffnungsrundgang führt über unseren Stand

Bereits am ersten Fachbesuchertag konnten die Gesellschafter und die Geschäftsleitung von KIRCHHOFF Automotive viele hochrangige Besucher begrüßen. Beim Eröffnungsrundgang der Messe informierten sich Günther Oettinger (EU-Kommissar für Digitale Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft), Stephan Weil (Ministerpräsident des Landes Niedersachsen), Stefan Schostok (Oberbürgermeister von Hannover) und Matthias Wissmann (VDA-Präsident) über innovative Produkte und Verfahren.

A new morning ritual

Every morning a short briefing on the stand – a novelty in the course of the daily routine on the trade fair, which was well received and for sure is helpful. Andreas Heine briefly explained the booth to our team and pointed out special highlights. Then Sabine Boehle gave a short overview of the visitors that were announced for that day. And that was a class of its own: For today, more than 40 customers have registered to visit our stand. So it will be crowded!

Ein neues Morgenritual

Kurzbriefing jeden Morgen am Stand – eine Neuerung im Ablauf des Messealltags, die sehr gut ankam und sicherlich hilfreich ist. Andreas Heine erklärte unserem Team kurz den Stand und wies auf besondere Highlights hin. Anschließend gab Sabine Boehle einen kurzen Überblick über die angekündigten Besucher. Und der hatte es in sich: Über 40 Kunden sind für heute angemeldet, unseren Stand zu besuchen. Es wird also voll!

Less weight, lower costs, higher quality

Partial hot forming, design optimization, multi-material design and innovative joining technologies – on the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover/Germany, KIRCHHOFF Automotive showcases different solutions for weight and CO2 reduction in the commercial vehicle sector.

On 113 sq.m the company presents itself from September 22nd to 29th on the leading trade fair concerning mobility, transport, and logistics. On stand C34 in hall 13 customers and visitors learn in which products we have already successfully reduced weight and costs while simultaneously increasing quality.

As a development supplier, KIRCHHOFF Automotive offers its customers everything from a single source – from design development over feasibility analysis, worldwide standardized project management and innovative manufacturing technologies up to customer-related individual solutions for local requirements.

One example for design optimization is the aluminum bumper in shell design, an innovation by KIRCHHOFF Automotive. The shell design is particularly well-suited for complex spaces and easy integration of fasteners whenever a light weight solution is called for. The advantages are minimal weight, efficient production, high design freedom, narrow tolerances of wall thickness and easy integration of connection elements.

At its exhibition appearance, KIRCHHOFF Automotive furthermore shows itself as excellent partner of the automotive industry in the areas of project management, quality, and tool construction. Volvo Trucks has awarded the company for its outstanding project management with worldwide uniform standards, PACCAR gave a certificate for excellent quality. The automotive supplier may call itself “Tool Shop of the Year 2015” in the category of internal tool shop with less than 50 employees. Here, the award involved manufacturing based on the principle of a synchronized tool shop, a clearly defined future strategy with corresponding milestones, and a high transparency by visualizing order levels on big screens.

Besides numerous customers, high-ranking visitors like Günther Oettinger (EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society), Stephan Weil (Prime Minister of Lower Saxony) and Matthias Wissmann (President of the VDA, Association of the Automotive Industry) have announced their coming to the KIRCHHOFF Automotive booth in the first week. The second trade fair week is all about training and development: Traditionally, the apprentices and dual students of KIRCHHOFF Automotive visit the exhibition. On the students’ day on September 28th, interested students have the opportunity to exchange views with experienced specialists and to acquaint themselves with career chances within the company.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive still exhibits until September 29th – in hall 13, stand C34. Come and visit us!


Weniger Gewicht, niedrigere Kosten, höhere Qualität

Partielles Presshärten, Designoptimierung, Multi-Material-Bauweise und innovative Fügeverfahren – KIRCHHOFF Automotive zeigt auf der IAA Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover verschiedene Lösungsansätze zur Gewichts- und CO2-Reduzierung im Nutzfahrzeugsektor.

Auf 113 m² präsentiert sich das Unternehmen vom 22. bis 29. September auf der Leitmesse rund um Mobilität, Transport und Logistik. Auf dem Stand C34 in Halle 13 erfahren die Kunden und Besucher, in welchen Produkten wir bereits erfolgreich Gewicht und Kosten reduziert haben bei gleichzeitiger Erhöhung der Qualität.

Als Entwicklungslieferant bietet KIRCHHOFF Automotive seinen Kunden alles aus einer Hand – von der Designentwicklung über die Herstellbarkeitsanalyse, ein weltweit standardisiertes Projektmanagement und innovative Fertigungsverfahren bis hin zu kundenbezogenen individuellen Lösungen für lokale Bedürfnisse.

Ein Beispiel für Designoptimierung ist der Aluminium-Stoßfänger im Schalendesign, eine Innovation von KIRCHHOFF Automotive. Das Schalendesign eignet sich besonders für komplexe Bauräume und für die einfache Integration von Verbindungselementen, wenn eine Leichtbaulösung gefragt ist. Die Vorteile sind minimales Gewicht, wirtschaftliche Fertigung, große Designfreiheit, enge Wanddickentoleranzen und einfache Integration von Verbindungselementen.

Bei seinem Messeauftritt zeigt sich KIRCHHOFF Automotive außerdem als ausgezeichneter Partner der Automobilindustrie in den Bereichen Projektmanagement, Qualität und Werkzeugbau. Für herausragendes Projektmanagement mit weltweit einheitlichen Standards hat Volvo Trucks das Unternehmen ausgezeichnet, PACCAR verlieh eine Urkunde für exzellente Qualität. In der Kategorie Interner Werkzeugbau unter 50 Mitarbeitern darf sich der Automobilzulieferer „Werkzeugbau des Jahres 2015“ nennen. Ausgezeichnet wurde hierbei die auf dem Prinzip des synchronen Werkzeugbaus basierende Fertigung, eine klar definierte Zukunftsstrategie mit entsprechenden Meilensteinen und eine hohe Transparenz durch Visualisierung von Auftragsständen über große Bildschirme.

In der ersten Woche haben sich neben zahlreichen Kunden hochrangige Besucher wie Günther Oettinger (EU-Kommissar für Digitale Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft), Stephan Weil (Ministerpräsident des Landes Niedersachsen) und Matthias Wissmann (VDA-Präsident) auf dem Stand von KIRCHHOFF Automotive angekündigt. Die zweite Messewoche steht im Zeichen von Aus- und Weiterbildung: Traditionell besuchen die Auszubildenden und Dualen Studenten von KIRCHHOFF Automotive die Messe. Für interessierte Studierende bietet der Studententag am 28.09. die Möglichkeit, sich mit erfahrenen Spezialisten auszutauschen und über Karrierechancen im Unternehmen zu informieren.

Bis zum 29. September stellt KIRCHHOFF Automotive aus – in Halle 13, Stand C34. Besuchen Sie uns!