Successful first day

Lots of high ranking customers visited our booth on the first day, even if it was the press day. They were interested a lot in our innovative products. It was good for us to have the touchscreen for the presentation of our highlight products with us. So we could present them a good selection of our serial parts.

Purchasing Director William Zhou with his colleague from Chang’an Ford together with the Process & Product Development  Director Mr.William Zhang and Sales Manager Ms.Phoebe Zeng from KA China

Senior General Manager Dr.Jiang from Dongfeng together with Sales Manager Mr. Ted Zhou from KA China

Executive Vice President, Mr.Gerard Beddis from CJLR and the Director Purchasing Mr.Jullian Taylor together with MD Mr. Simon Stephan from KA China


President Mr. Matthias Wissmamm from VDA together with CTO Dr.Thorsten Gaitzsch from KA

Purchasing Vice President Mr.Guan Yu from Geely together with Marketing Director Mr. Andreas Heine from KA Germany and MD Mr. Simon Stephan from KA China

After the first busy but fulfilled day, the whole team had a great dinner together with lots of fun.



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