Future Cars – Our employees’ ideas

Future now – that is the motto of this years IAA. Topics like digitalization, E-mobility and networking are some of the future mobility concepts. Also our employees have some ideas, how future cars could look like.

Marcus Dörr, Senior Product Manager: “I image cars that won’t need streets any longer. Those could be similiar to drones which means that traffic problems would stop occuring.”

Alexandra Klein-Teske, Sales Manager PSA, Opel: “I think of features like environmentally friendly, noiseless and self-driving, that also means autonomously controlled when it comes to the traffic security. Maybe the vehicles are also going to look like a moving living room in which travelling from A to B is totally comfortable.”

Grzegorz Dworak, Senior Project Engineer: “I don’t believe that the cars will look totally different in 20 years time. The electric motor is going to be a key feature as well as a high aluminum share in the car body. Possibly, the form will be more oval shaped and we can individualize our cars at a standardized price.”


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