Final spurt in booth building

It’s the afternoon, half past three in Wolfsburg: the last build-up day of the IZB. 

  • The booth is set up
  • The lights are on
  • All products are hung up
  • The touchscreens are running
  • The test run with the driving simulator was successful
  • Our fridge is stuffed
  • All customer presents are stored
  • The kitchen is equipped

As usual there is still a lot of hustle on many booths at that time of the day. Now it is about the finishing touches – tomorrow morning everything has to be perfect. 

Tonight the barista will also arrive to set up the coffee machine and cocktail bar. Until then the last puzzle piece, our battery housing, will have made its way to Wolfsburg with our colleague from Attendorn to be finally displayed on our highlight wall. 

One is for sure: In a few hours everything will look completely different.

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