… and there are also our series products

Battery housing, aluminum front axle carrier, LEIKA floor panel … for all the innovations, our exhibits from the range of series production have come off badly at this point so far: Actually a pity, because here are also real highlights:

E. g. the hybrid front end in profile and shell design, that from now on is produced in Manchester/USA for the BMW X3 / X4. Or also body-in-white components of aluminum for Jaguar XFL that have especially been flown in from China.

The longitudinal member for Mercedes-Benz E class as well as an instrument panel beam for V Class / Vito, an oil pan rear seat for new Opel Insignia and door elements for Hyundai Tucson currently make their trade fair debut on our IAA booth.

Diverse products for the Volkswagen Group are this year also on board: The cross member for VW Tiguan, Touran and Skoda Kodiaq, the modular cross member for Audi Q5, the Crash Management System for Audi Q2 and the cross member floor panel for Audi Q2, Seat Ateca and others.

All in all, a colorful mix all across our product portfolio.

The journey of an exhibition part

When the exhibits are hanging, the fair can start. It’s a tradition that the actual stars of the booth – our products – are installed only the evening before the beginning of the fair. Otherwise, the danger would be too high for them to get a scratch shortly before. After all, everything should be perfect.

But the long journey these parts have made and all the work that’s behind it can often only be seen at the second glance. The video below shows the journey of a body-in-white part which is produced in our Chinese plant in Suzhou for Jaguar XFL.

New keyvisual

Just in time for the IAA and appropriate to this year’s film, the new key visual by KIRCHHOFF Automotive has been completed. It does not only decorate the brochure title, but is also often represented as an XXL graphic on the booth.

The file from which the prints for the niche in the bistro area have been designed has more than 250 megapixels. Dimensions that have brought us, our computers, as well as our agencies, to the limits of their achievements this year.

Future Cars – Our employees’ ideas

Future now – that is the motto of this years IAA. Topics like digitalization, E-mobility and networking are some of the future mobility concepts. Also our employees have some ideas, how future cars could look like.

Marcus Dörr, Senior Product Manager: “I image cars that won’t need streets any longer. Those could be similiar to drones which means that traffic problems would stop occuring.”

Alexandra Klein-Teske, Sales Manager PSA, Opel: “I think of features like environmentally friendly, noiseless and self-driving, that also means autonomously controlled when it comes to the traffic security. Maybe the vehicles are also going to look like a moving living room in which travelling from A to B is totally comfortable.”

Grzegorz Dworak, Senior Project Engineer: “I don’t believe that the cars will look totally different in 20 years time. The electric motor is going to be a key feature as well as a high aluminum share in the car body. Possibly, the form will be more oval shaped and we can individualize our cars at a standardized price.”


Happy IAA rallye winners

Lukas Schaschke is the happy winner of our first prize. A Bose wireless headphone was the main price.

Maybritt Wollmeier looked happy as a second ranked. She won a 50 € Amazon gift voucher.

Furkan Göktürk was just one minute later on the third place. A powerbank and a 16 GB USB drive was the price.

Spontaneous VW visit

Christoph Wagener, Michael Eichert and Karsten Thoene welcomed on our booth Hans Joachim Hayn, VW Manager Cockpit und Frank Rosen, VW Subdivision Manager Testing Cross Car Beam.