Goodbye, Hanover!

The last trade day comes towards an end. Everybody quickly carries some Bamboo flowers to our trade fair transporter and then half of the booth Team leaves for home. At the moment in fact there are still some customers on the booth. The IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair still has its doors open until 6 p.m.

Then finally we have to say: Bye, bye Hanover!

It was worth the effort!

Three apprentices alike answered 15 out 16 Rally questions correctly – and this in an awesome 1 hour and 9 minutes. So the decision had to be taken by lots.

Simon Michel is the proud winner of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Arndt G. Kirchhoff handed over the second prize, a Jochen Schweizer adventure voucher, to Lukas Meier. Cedric Nelson ranked third. He received a thermos mug and a power bank.

Good luck fairy Kerstin draws the winner

The three winners of the apprentices’ rally are certain. In the end, the apprentice that could take the first prize home – a Samsung tablet – had to be chosen at random. But whose name did good luck fairy Kerstin Rinscheid (left in the picture) draw? The tension increases. At about 3 p.m. we will hand over the prizes and announce the winners.

First item on the agenda: tour of the booth

This morning the booth was crowded earlier than expected. For our apprentices, the day on IAA Commercial Vehicles began with a booth tour by Andreas Heine. Currently both groups are on their way around the fair to answer all questions of the apprentices’ rally correctly and as quickly as possible. Great prizes await the winners. We are curios to see who comes in first this year.

Ecki explains: Optimization of Assembly Crossmember

A real highlight on the stand are the front cross member assemblies. Here, the visitors can directly compare and see clear differences between the old and the new version at first sight. But what are the advantages of the new cross members? Eckhard Rubarth explains:

Competition in tacking

Today we have a competition in “quick tacking” on our agenda. The single leaves of the questionnaires for the apprentices taking part in our IAA Rallye have to be tacked. 24 questionnaires for the Attendorner Group and 35 for the Iserlohn apprentices. In order to be as quick as possible Lisa Terlaak and Tatjana Wach started a tacking competition.