Last day of Auto Shanghai 2017

After almost 10 days successful exhibition, Auto Shanghai 2017 is now approaching to the end.

We have unveiled the winners of the lucky draw today, the result has been published into our company public account in Wechat by push news. The following gifts are chosen as the prize for it.

3rd prize:

2nd prize:

1st prize:

In additon, our colleagues from Suzhou plant got the chance to visit our booth into two batches these two days. They are more acquainted with our products/competencies under the introduction of the TD colleagues which would definitely be helpful for their work:

The dismantling of the booths for all the exhibitors started from 15:00 this afternoon, all the exhibits will be transported back to our Suzhou plant and to be displayed into the showroom soon. Auto Shanghai is such a good platform and chance to promote our company/ competencies in China market and through this event, we’v collected some potential customers as well which is definitely favorable for our businesss in the future. We’re very looking forward to be back in 2 years for Auto Shanghai 2019!

Innovation exhibits at the booth

We are presenting two different crash management systems in order to demonstrate our latest light weighting innovations and our mature experience in the design and production of aluminum parts.


The future is electric: Our latest project is the development of a lightweight battery housing made of steel and aluminum for a full electric car. Additional features of this hybrid concept are integrated crash performance, underbody protection and cooling system.  


The front-end structure for the BMW 7 series presents a central contribution to lightweight construction. KIRCHHOFF Automotive actively participated also in the design and development as well as early prototype phase. The result is a complete aluminum solution in profile and monocoque construction with optimal material combination and best possible performance.





Impression – Luxury Cars in Auto Shanghai 2017

The public days of Auto Shanghai 2017 starts as of today. The past weekend has welcomed 385,000 visitors.

Up to 1,400 vehicles including 113 world premiere cars and 159 new energy cars are on display at the show. From the classification of the exhibiting cars, we can draw three trends as below: Firstly, the passion of SUV is still as before. Then, new energy car becomes a trend. Finally, the rising of Mobility and Connectivity.

View of Luxury car hall:





Last professional day with the heavy guest flow

Today as the last professional day welcomed it’s heavy guest flow as yesterday. The luxury car halls were full of visitors so that the organizer has to restrain the access into these halls.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive booth:

CJLR Purchasing Director, Zhou Hengzhong (second from the left):

MAZDA Electrical Purchasing Manager, Zhong Huanhuan (right):










2017 International Key Tech Forum

Dr. Dirk Stahl, Manager Product Development as the key note speaker together with two of our chinese colleagues: Dr. Fang Shiqing, Managing Director and William Zhang, Technical Development Director joined this Key.

The forum focused on the topics of lightweight design, the auto market analysis in China and the electric vehicles. During the event, Dr. Dirk Stahl presented our company competencies from the aspects of material, balance between cost and weight which gained lots of interests from the auto industry representatives onsite.


Geely Interior Development Manager, Xu Jinghui (right)







Good start of the first professional day

Today is only the first profession day, but already a busy and fruitful day. We had over 50 visitors who came to our booth including some of our key account/potential customers.

MAZDA VP, Shunji TAJIRI (middle):

CJLR Site STA Sr Manager, Zhu Yuetao (left):

BMW Senior Purchasing Manger, Jeffery Sun

Changan Automotive Engineer Supervisor, Dong Liqiang (middle):

Great Wall Dep Manager (Body Design), Li Zhanying:




Press day continues

The visitors we received today speak highly of our booth, and most people are very interested in our lightweight products like the Aluminum front-end and battery housing, our innovations.

GEELY Pur Senior Manager, Hu Liangjun (left) & Wu Jianlin (right):

Haimma Automobile, Wu Dongsheng:

GM Researcher, Zhan Hongyi:

EASTONE AUTO Interior Senior Manager, Suchen




1st Press Day

Auto Shanghai 2017 is finally unveilled after months preparation, and our team in China has been all ready to welcome the visitors.

By the end of the first press day, we’ve had some valuable customers visited our booth:

SVW Senior Pur. Manager, Thomas Mecklenburg (second from the right)

SAIC Interior Manager (Exterior & Interior Section), Ruan Aijun (second from the left)

Geely Senior Pur. Manager, Yang Henry (right side)

VDA Managing Director, Klaus Braeunig

some views of our booth: