Behind the Scenes – Chancellor Merkel’s Visit

It all starts with a question: “What  kind of technology will KIRCHHOFF Automotive present at IAA this year?” With a constant  focus on innovation  in technology, Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed  her presence at our booth tomorrow.

But hosting such an important guest is no easy task, much preparation is involved before and during her visit. After presenting the Chancellor and her team with a briefing on our new, cutting-edge technology for electric vehicles, she will visit us to see, and hear more about our innovations.

Once a detailed visitation schedule was established, it was our turn to make the appropriate accommodations. Necessary adaptations will be made to our booth in order to ensure a smooth visit. From lighting adjustments, to blocking certain areas of the booth and allocating specific measured areas for press representatives, these accommodations were carefully planned over many weeks.

The highlight of the visit will be the new battery housing for electric vehicles, a benchmark product for KIRCHHOFF Automotive. With much anticipation and excitement, we look forward to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit!

Photo: Chancellor Merkel’s visit to KIRCHHOFF Automotive’s Booth at the IAA in 2013.

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