Hoch die Hände – Wochenende!

…Nicht für unser Wochenendteam auf der IAA: da heißt es, den Audi R8 vorm großen Besucherandrang zu schützen und lecker Essen zubereiten. Das gehört zwar nicht zu unseren Kernkompetenzen, aber was soll man machen, wenn der kleine Hunger kommt…

Hands up – weekend!

…Not for our weekend team at the IAA: it’s about protecting the Audi R8 from the crowds of visitors and preparing delicious food. That may not be one of our core competencies, but what is the alternative when you get a little hungry?

More emotions than new technologies

At Auto Shanghai, German manufacturers are relying on the emotionality of their vehicles. All OEMs focus on SUVs, oversized limousines and high-performance sports cars. New pure e-vehicles are not sought in vain. They are announced in the press conferences. Concept cars or older electric vehicles such as the BMW i3 and the E-Golf are shown. American manufacturers also present little new. Jeep shows its globally successful models, which actually haven’t changed for 20 years. Tesla also looks more old school. The electric pioneer is exhibiting his three models, which are also no longer new. The fact that Tesla is exhibiting here at all shows how important the Chinese market is for Tesla. Tesla was not represented at the European counterpart of Auto Shanghai, the International Automotive Cars Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt, two years ago.


此次上海车展,德国汽车制造商在他们的车辆制造商过于情绪化。OEM重点放在SUV,大型高容量轿车和高性能有跑车上。纯电动车的发展缓慢。发布会中他们这样说道。展会上展示了像BMW i3和E-Golf这样的概念车或者比较老的电动车。Jeep向大家展示了其比较成功的车型,然而这一车型20年来并没有什么变化。特斯拉看上去也比较老派。特斯拉作为电动车引领者展示了三款车,然而这三款车也并不是新车型。特斯拉此次亮相展会旨在说明中国市场对于特斯拉来说特别重要。两年前的德国法兰克福IAA展会特斯拉并没有参展。

Press conference without words

That’s how you can be remembered. Nothing was said at the Nio press conference to present the new concept car. No information on LED screens were given. Only a large cover was pulled from the car. Then the managing director stood next to car for taking pictures. That’s all. – But also in other areas this company which was founded by William Li in 2014 goes new ways. Already in the first year Nio took part in the Formula E with a racing car. At Auto Shanghai, Nio presents itself on a huge, beautiful stand right next to Audi. Only one SUV model will be shown in different variants. Of course only with electric drive. The special: The entire battery can be replaced in just three minutes. No searching for a charging station, no waiting for hours. “Nomi” is also nice. Nomi is, in a manner of speaking, “Alexa” for the car. Everything about this car can be controlled by voice control.


无声发布会,独特的方式让别人记住你。 蔚来新闻发布会向大家展示了新型概念车,然而发布会上什么都没有说。 没有LED屏幕展示信息。 只有拉开幕布的瞬间新型概念车在你眼前一亮。 蔚来总经理站在车旁等待媒体拍照。2014年,李斌创立蔚来,如今这家公司在其他领域也蓬勃发展起来。蔚来同温层涂装赛车亮相Formula E 第五赛季。 在上海车展上,蔚来展台蔚为壮观,位于奥迪展台右边。 只有一种SUV型号会以不同的形式展示。 全部是电动汽车。 特别说明:整个电池更换只需三分钟。 无需搜索充电站,无需等待数小时。 蔚来汽车配有人工智能伙伴Nomi。该车可以通过语音控制。

China’s automotive industry on the advance

The new Chinese models presented at Auto Shanghai have now finally reached the level of Western vehicles. Whereas a few years ago one could still see bold, smiling copies in poor quality, now the Western visitor is rather silent in view of the development leap of Chinese manufacturers.

Both in terms of design and interior, the new models of the many unspeakable brands are in no way inferior to the cars of German, Japanese or Korean manufacturers. Quite the opposite. When it comes to the development of e-vehicles, they are even clearly ahead. All Chinese manufacturers have battery electric vehicles on offer, some with hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders. And this applies not only to small startup manufacturers like world champions (yes, that’s the real name), who sold just 4500 vehicles last year, but also to volume manufacturers like BYD (Build Your Dreams), whose electric vehicles can already be seen everywhere in Shanghai Downtown.



在设计和内饰方面,许多新车型毫不逊色于德国、日本或韩国制造商的汽车。恰恰相反。谈到电动汽车的发展,中国电动车品牌甚至远远领先于国外。所有中国制造商都供应电动汽车,其中一些制造商使用氢燃料电池作为增程器。像威马这样的小型创业公司(是的,这就是真名),去年就售出了4500辆汽车,在上海市中心比亚迪(Build Your Dreams)电动车随处可见。