Angela Merkel visits the KIRCHHOFF Automotive booth

It’s 12 o’clock. The photographers get into their position while our colleagues simulate the upcoming guest’s stance in order to adjust camera angles. The CEO and COO of the KIRCHHOFF Holding Arndt and Wolfgang Kirchhoff do a few last minute preparations for their presentation of the recently developed battery case.

And finally the time has come. Journalists gather in front of the booth and set up their equipment as Angela Merkel  enters the hall. She greets the Kirchhoff family before entering the booth. Arndt G. Kirchhoff opens the presentation by welcoming the German chancellor in the name of all employees.

In the ongoing presentation Arndt explains the battery case to Angela Merkel while Wolfgang highlights the special features of the battery case, which are the crash stability, the impermeability as well as its cooling capabilities.

Even though the battery case only makes up less than one percent of KIRCHHOFF’s annual turnover, Arndt G. Kirchhoff highlights its importance to KIRCHHOFF Automotive in order to enhance futuristic innovations; to which Angela Merkel comments that as a company we are “ready to go” recognizing the importance of this technology innovation.

Cut. The journalists leave the booth, Angela Merkel shakes hands, the presentation is over and the normal insanity of the IAA continues.

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