Visit by Boreas Team

Today the Boreas Racing Team visited us at our booth. Last year the team had come third place at the “F1 in Schools” championships in Abu Dhabi – KIRCHHOFF Automotive was their sponsor.

The team liked to be photographed with our racing Porsche.

Empty shelves – full memory card

The IAA trade fair is coming to an end. Only today and tomorrow it is still open. We mainly expect private visitors.

Many customers and politicians visited us. Our shelves with advertising material are empty, the cameras’ memory cards are full. Now it’s up to start the follow-up – documentation of customer visits, sorting of pictures, and much more …



Just for the picture – our booth team with a Porsche

To lean and relax the whole day at the Porsche – that is far away from the tasks
our booth assistance has to manage every single day with a smile. From the coordination of the exhibitor and parking badges and the receipt of customers at the information desk to the spontaneous collection of visitors at that entrance which is the most far away from our booth – organisational talent, flexibility and stamina are requested. Here everybody contributes to the success of the trade-fair appearance.

KIRHCHHOFF Automotive at the IAA 2015 – a real team performance!

The winners of the IAA rallye of our apprentices are defined

The lot had to decide who will be the winner of the first price, a Bose Soundlink Mini of a value of 199 Euro. The two friends David Schneider and Ronny Labisch have passed the rallye in a record breaking time of 1 hour and 5 minutes with 15 of 16 right answers. At the end David Schneider was the happy winner and received the price for the
first place from Arndt G. Kirchhoff.

But also Ronny Labisch was really pleased with the second price, a voucher for a water park.

Adrian Schürholz won the third price. He was just five minutes slower than his competitors and now owns an Amazon voucher for 25 Euro.

Our apprentices are there

Today our career days on the IAA ends with the day of our apprentices.

The first group from Attendorn has already arrived and was impressed of the newest innovations of KIRCHHOFF Automotive.

Now starts the first round of our IAA rallye.

Time is running from now on! The winner who answers all questions in the shortest time will win a Bose Soundlink Mini of a value of 199 Euro.